This gif is what comes to mind when I think of Ultralite

What is Ultralite?

Ultralite is my personal philosophy and approach to technology. This approach comes form the ultralite backpacking movement, something I really enjoyed for a time, my wife and I. The basic tenet of it was purposeful planning and eliminating things you just don’t need, the result is going farther and doing more because you have effectively lightened your load.

In the world of technology, I have found there is much joy to be found in finding ways to go farther, so to speak, and reducing the weight by replacing tools and systems with those that were designed with simplicity and utility. Ultralite is not doing with less, it is doing more with less.

Who is Ultralite?

Gitlab repo for Ultralite My name is Jesse Perry, I go by JP, and I operate JP Technical, a small technology service business in Anchorage Alaska. I work with businesses under 50 users, and provide support for a wide array of technologies. I also work closely with a large non-profit where we build systems at scale using the very latest in tools and technologies following DevOps principles.

Why is Ultralite?

I made this site as a place to write about things I learn as I continue to apply DevOps principles to my business. I wanted a place to demonstrate how simple and yet how powerful these light-weight ideals can be. I am using this Gitlab repo for Ultralite as a little bit of a showcase for some small projects. For instance, this blog is running on AWS S3, CloudFront and is nearly infinitely scalable, but only costs me pennies a month for the bandwidth. Until I get more of these projects committed to this repo, this will mainly be a place I can keep tabs on little tips and tricks I learn as the need arises. You can see these little (very minor) victories in my blog.

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