About Ultralite

by Jesse Perry on Friday, January 1, 2021

This is the first theme I have created for Hugo. I have tried several of the themes, and there are some really cool ones out there, but I always find some little thing that just doesn’t meet my needs. After quite a bit of fiddling, I decided what I really wanted was a VERY simple template that I can start from, something built from scratch. So the hugo-ultralite theme was born.

I have to give credit to the hugo-xmin theme, the author really caught my attention that he was able to produce a template in about 5hrs. Admittedly, it took me a LOT longer to produce this template, but it was a worthy endeavor.


One of the most important inclusions in this theme is the rendering of code blocks. To do this, I am using the code fences feature of Hugo. Below is an example of code syntax rendering of the the theme.toml file.

name = "Ultralite"
license = "MIT"
description = "Ultralite hugo theme with minimalist styling and code syntax highlighting"
homepage = "https://gitlab.com/jptechnical/hugo-ultralite"
licenselink = "https://gitlab.com/jptechnical/hugo-ultralite/-/blob/master/LICENSE.md"
tags = ["minimal" ,"blog" ,"clean" ,"minimalist" ,"simple" ,"starter"]
features = ["blog", "code blocks"]
min_version = "0.6"

  name = "Jesse Perry"
  homepage = "https://gitlab.com/jptechnical/hugo-ultralite"